Ian McClumpha  Dip.Hyp I.S.C.H GHR GQHP. CNHC

Clinical hypnotherapy in Chesterfield.

Hi, I'm Ian. I'm a former police officer with more than 26 years service, retired due to injuries sustained on duty. 

During my service I saw the effects on my caring colleagues of dealing with traumatic incidents and the ensuing stress, anxiety and PTSD this can lead to. I saw many good officers taking time off as they wrestled with their health and well-being, feeling unable to ask for help for fear of this been taken as a sign of weakness and hindering their career path. Under-staffing, heavy workloads and unrealistic deadlines can also cause stress and anxiety, in whatever industry you work. 

Why do some people experience these symptoms? The answer is simple. Because they care deeply and take great pride in the work they do.

So what makes me different? I'm also a qualified  EMMETT Muscle Therapist. The body controls the mind and the mind controls the body. 60% of people with chronic pain experience depression and people with depression experience physical pain.

I take a holistic approach to the symptoms you present to help you both in body and mind. 

I can assist with most hypnotherapy issues including weight control, hypnotic gastric bands, smoking cessation, fertility issues, hypno-birthing, I.B.S, improving sleep patterns, speech impediments, Sport performance. 

Hypnotherapy  is proven to help children and young adults with many common childhood and youthful stages of growth: challenging behaviour, bed-wetting, general confidence, concentration levels, exam preparation, etc. 

I am GHR registered, which gives you piece of mind that my training qualifications and insurance are up to date and  compliant with the registers guidelines.

I am also CNHC registered, which means that many personal insurance companies will pay for all or part of your treatment. Please check with your insurers or discuss prior to treatment. 


You will be treated in the strictest of confidence as you embark on your journey back to full health.