Fertility and Hypnobirthing



The H.F.E.A. ( Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) estimates that one in seven UK couples approximately have difficulty conceiving. That's approximately 3.5 million people.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) defines infertility as failing to get pregnant after two years of unprotected sex.

Infertility is the commonest reason for woman aged 20-45 to see their G.P., after pregnancy itself. Of these cases 25% are diagnosed with 'unexplained infertility'.

Infertility affects both men and woman, of these cases 

Hypnosis for Fertility

It is known that Hypnosis affects the hypothalamus base of the brain. The hypothalamus is sensitive to stress and acts as a bridge between the emotional and physical elements of the body, turning emotional messages in to physical responses that affect hormone levels. Your emotions affect your body and your beliefs become your biology.

If you have been diagnosed as 'unexplained infertile' you have just not conceived yet! 


What is Hypno-birthing?

Would you like a magical birthing experience?

The perception of child birth suggests you'll experience extreme pain and huge discomfort during birth.

Back in the day the lady next door would come round to your house. The men would leave and she would calm and help you through the lovely process of child birth.

(Male and female hypnotherapist available.)



How will hypnosis help?

About eight weeks before your due date we begin a six week programme of hypnotherapy, training both you and your partner in relaxation techniques for the special day. We go through the whole process and provide you with personalised recordings to relax you and baby during the birthing process.

Hypnotherapy allows yours and baby's mind and body to relax, allowing mother nature to do what she does best.

Many midwives have been trained to assist and support you during the  hypno-birth process. Check if there is one at your hospital and ask for advice.




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