As well as hypnotherapy I am also a fully qualified and experienced EMMETT technique practitioner and  REIKI therapist.

EMMETT is very similar to acu-pressure and treatment is done over clothing. A sequence of light pressure applications to affected areas can bring instant relief.

When you visit your G.P. they usually have less than 10 minutes to discuss your issues. They can tend to focus their attention only on the isolated area of pain you describe. I have time to spend discussing in-depth your pain issues.


I take a more holistic approach to the body, looking at gait and posture. Many long term pain issues arise from the body being out of balance and muscles over compensating.

Headaches, shoulder, back, sciatic pain and plantar fasciitis are common posture issues, causing daily debilitating pain.

I suffered such issues for over 15 years living with daily pain on a scale of 4-8 out of 10. Doctors had written me off, saying I would be like this for the rest of my life. They were wrong.  EMMETT therapy lowered the pain to 2 out of 10 almost immediately. 

This negative outlook from professionals had a psychological impact, making my pain and quality of life worse.

If I detect you have similar issues I will discuss treating them using EMMETT technique. EMMETT usually has immediate results, alleviating pain and giving you increased flexibility.

EMMETT and Hypnotherapy can be used together to improve your overall quality of life.

Hypnotherapy can also help with many  other long term illnesses, helping you focus more positively. A well balanced body and mind really can increase your quality of life.